Kelva is one of the best vacation spots, and is a hot spot for the local population and domestic visitors from Mumbai along with other states. Kelva beach receives its fame from the fact that it has the longest stretch of beautiful coastline in Thane District. The total length of this beach is an impressive 8 kilometers. You will be surrounded by Suru trees as you take a walk on the beach. On the other side of the beach, you will see a vast expanse of sea. The other attractions that pull you here are the Kelva fort and Sheetala Devi temple located at the lakeside. There are many resorts and luxurious hotels for the comfortable stay of tourists.

It is one of the most clean, untouched and silent beaches in India. This is because very few people know about this beach which makes it like an unseen treasure chest. However, this changing as this beach is increasingly becoming a crowd pleaser among the Mumbaikars. You will find a lot of visitors flocking on the weekends. The beach is at its best at early mornings and just after the sun set. The sound of the leaves swaying combined with the waves is at shore make a wonderful rhythm.