Around Kelva

Ashapuri Temple


Situated at Edwan village, this temple is built on a rock, in the sea. So you can reach only at time of low tide. also is famous for temple of Bhagwan Shankar, situated at sea shore, sea water is surrounded from three sides. The ancient Ram Mandir is a central attraction of people. The Edwan is also known as an agriculture, carpentry & fishing.

Shirgaon Fort


Just 13km from Kelva Beach the majestic fort of Shirgaon. The fort, steeped in history, lords over the sea and a village. Marathas won this fort in 1739 along with the forts. The fort stands about 200feet tall and spans more than 150feet. The Portuguese renovated this fort and increased its area by while keeping the original brick and red stone construction intact. The five-feet cannon on the northwest of citadel marks the history of the battles that took place over here

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